Hey there – hey you
I just wanted to speak some true
words; I want to yell em out loud
yell em out loud till I will feel proud
in the end of this beginning.
‚cuz performing, playing, dancing, singing
may all be honourable practical arts.
but truth has to be said, alas,
I’m disturbing you now, I am wasting your time
hoping that though and in spite you’ll be fine
with it
and that you don’t spit
just let the news hit
when I have to admit
this text’s summit –
I seem to be a 2000s kid.

And now calm down. Relax. Take it easy – if you remember this 2000s hit 😉
1 triple 3
is the number of emergency
should anyone need it by now
otherwise – relax, calm down.

A 2000’s kid, that’s what I am
according to my birthdate and that’s what is stamped
on my face in carmine red and double bold
at least to those whom I told
this who seems to be all of you now.

And a few may ask
why I am telling this;
why am I making a show.
– why does this crazy little kid freak out?!

Because it makes a difference.
Because you’re making it difficult, friends.
And I love my egoism’s resilience:

It made a difference when I got to know a phew
people, of course born in the 90ies, of you
it made a difference when I got the replies
and it still makes a difference if you watch me through your eyes
it made a difference when I told you my age:
17 years old? acceptable. but 2000s? rage.
it will make a difference you’ll never forget
I am trying to brainwash it now out of your head
although I’ll fail.
because it may still prevail
some awkward situations

Thank you for your patience
when you’re not instantly interrupting me telling
how old your siblings are
what they haven’t reached so far
thanks that at least you aren’t yelling.

No, storytelling is not what I’m going to study
and I’m no special genius or super brain
I only arrived at UCM just the same
like the other freshpeople, just in a younger body

And I’m somehow sorry for that.
Sorry, but those words have to be said,
I’m sorry for crashing into your cool and chilled group
sorry for having made the generation range grew
‚cuz I’m gonna annoy you,
no matter if I want to
or not
sorry for questioning the awesome plot
of UCM life by my inherent being-other
because sooner or later you will bother
about the sophisticated European stubborn
in February 2000 somewhere as a boy born
who is way too young for higher education:
I’m sorry for lowering your appreciation
of this place now that one guy of the next generation
has gained access to it

doesn’t seem to be lit
you can aim to ignore
but I’m not talking shit:
I’m sorry to be the 2000’s kid.

And now: Deal with it.
If those two months really matter for you
if you think that I’m definitely part of another crew
then I’m fine, I’ll take the social resit.
I’m used to that. I am this 2000’s kid

But let some honest words be spoken
I’m here now, and I love this open
place we’re experiencing and learning within
and for sure this is an exciting begin.
doesn’t change the fact that I’m a creep
not all 2000s are – those you can easily seek
but please, I beg you – feel sometimes sorry for me
being the alien and getting life managed is hard to achieve
indeed it is something just like this: I’m weak.

But – you know?
in the end it doesn’t even matter
when lametta
in our heads spreads
celebrating ourselves and our madness
when we’re then drinking together
in peace and love gathered
when there is this spirit among us and no need to be set up
then, finally I’m more than proud to admit:

Hey you, I’m UCMs 2000s kid.

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