What one year as President of JEF Maastricht taught me

I had the trust and honour of being the President of JEF Maastricht, a local chapter of a European youth NGO focusing on the promotion of European citizenship and participation of young people in European politics. I learned a lot of things during my year in which I presided the association. 9 of my learning experiences are written down here, and I hope that they can be of use for enthusiastic minds who are about to embark on their own journey within JEF or another youth organisation.

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Ende Gelände 2019.

Das ist ein
Beitrag nach einem Tag Braunkohlerevier. Nach einem Tag mit dem Fahrrad über Landstraßen,
Wege an Landstraßen, Feldwege, Schotterwege, Dörfer, Landstriche, Fahrradschutzstreifen
fahren. Nach mehrstündigem Warten an Bahnhöfen auf verspätete Züge die mich
wieder zurückbringen können.

Ich war am Sonntag in den Revieren. Den laufenden. Den bereits vollständig ausgebeuteten. Und ich habe bei meinen Anblicken einen deftigen Schlag in die Magengrube gespürt.

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Good morning European democracy!

This article was published on 23 May 2019 as op-ed in the Special Edition of The Observant on the European Parliament Elections 2019.

Dear European Union, I know you’re a bit sleepy and think we can all relax after the elections, but now it’s time to wake up. The fact that the turnout of the European Parliament elections will be far below 100% in the EU’s countries won’t surprise any of us. We knew it would happen that way. And we knew that we couldn’t send the turnout skyrocketing.

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Let’s introduce a European Civil Service!

It was at the European Youth Convention where I developed some ideas which wouldn’t let go of me. 15 months afterwards, I’m now officially launching: My campaign for the European Civil Service!

I’m happy about every single person who wants to help me in realising this idea, and for everyone who just gives me feedback on what they think of it – don’t hesitate to contact me or talk to me in person when you see me! And now: Power switch on!


EU feat. its youth

When it comes to elections for the European Parliament, every European citizen is allowed to vote. Except for people aged less than 18.

But lowering the voting age is no sufficient solution to the complex matter of political disenchantment throughout young people. That’s because there are more problems than the actual age discrimination against minors regarding suffrage.

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