It’s getting hot and it’s getting serious. My plea to all of you to start getting (at least passively) politically involved

Dear friends, dear acquaintances and dear network, let’s keep it short.

I don’t know whether you pay attention to what’s going on, but: Since this week’s Council summit of European national leaders, letting people die in the Mediterranean Sea or in inhumane camps in Libya is official policy of the European Council. That’s incredible and this disgusting policy of fortifying Europe against the rest of the world is unbearable.

Next year there are Parliament elections. We must prevent at all cost that our Parliament turns as isolationist-populist-nationalist as the Council already is today. I know that many of my friends are already involved and that’s amazing. But I also know that many of you are not. But this is something which we cannot afford any more these days. That’s why I urge you to join political bodies of civil society – associations, parties, initiatives, whatever. And bring your friends! Be it only passively. Be it only by officially signing up and not doing anything. But the ones who fight for our future and for human dignity must not be let alone.

Political associations, parties, initiatives, etc. need every support which they can have. And every single cent, every single member number on a list helps incredibly. It helps in funding, it helps in obtaining funds, it helps in showing that they are not alone, and it helps for motivation and strength.

You don’t need to attend events. You don’t need to agree with every single resolution or decision such a group has ever made. But now is the time to show what world you would like to live in. Take a stand, civil society needs you.

I don’t need to thank you, you’ll thank yourself in a few years. Until then, have my thank you as a guarantee 😉

BTW: If you can’t pay a membership fee or do not want to do so, that is not a problem. Associations can help you with that, if you help them with your name.
If you’re unsure what to do, please don’t hesitate to contact me. There’s so many groups in which you’re always welcome! (and, little disclaimer, yes, JEF is of course one of them). It’s not too late to change the world! <3